Expérience de danse connectée
→ Orbe
→ Bassano del Grappa

Vibes#3 is a connected dance experience, for around fifty amateur or professional dancers. Equipped with headphones, participants improvise their dance together with the audio guidance of Masako Matsushita.

A first warm-up phase puts the participant in a state of receptivity to their environment. The experience begins with the rolling of the Japanese drum, the Taïko. Its vibrations spread through the city and resonate with its architecture, its flows. This vibration, imbued with the place from which it emanates, animates each body, carrying it in a common pulsation

The dancer in motion starts a danced dialogue with the place, its lines, its shapes. He connects with other participants, in pairs, then 4, 8... The groupings increase the intensity of the vibration. From the intimacy of individuality to common paths and collective belonging. Energy gradually rises, until the point of fusion. Then the dancers part, find their way back, marked by this common vibration. Three key words to describe this performance: vibrations, movement, environment.


Durée : 50 minutes
Chorégraphie : Masako Matsushita
Musique : Mugen Yahiro
Création numérique : Xavier Boissarie