Itinéraire de la Culture Industrielle (ICI)

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Itinéraire de la Culture Industrielle (ICI)

An exploration of the Franco-Belgian mining basin in augmented reality.
Video realized by Le Pass for the Mobil'ICI application.

L’itinéraire de la Culture Industrielle (ICI) is a INTERREG project that unites 6 cultural institutions, 3 on the French side and 3 on the Belgian side. This project intends to valorize the heritage and industrial culture of the Nord-Pas de Calais - Hainaut mining basin.

The digital tools implemented for the ICI help the exploration of this complex territory.

  • The website and its 3D map prepare the visit.
  • The Mobil'ICI guide accompanies the visitor onsite in his discovery of the territory. It is declined in 30 routes each containing about twenty points of interest. The guide unfolds disappeared soundscapes and reveals hidden dimensions of the territory. It allows to see in the past, to look through the walls or the ground, to build a map, to participate in an observatory... So many original ways to discover a major territory of urban exploration.

Credits & partners

Diffusion Le Pass
Partners Le Pass, Le Bois du Cazier, Le Bois du Luc, Le 9-9bis Oignies, 11-19 Loos en Gohelle, la CAHC

Reportage realized by Vivacité in 2012.

Images of Mobil'ICI


Official website
Website Itinéraire de la culture industrielle


Mobil'ICI is available for free on the AppStore. iPhones are available at Le Pass on loan or reservation at Oignies


Practical information

Audience All
Material iPhone
Access Le Pass : Rue de Mons 3 7080 Frameries (Belgique) - Carreau de fosse 9-9 bis at Oignies (on reservation) : Rue du Tordoir 62590 Oignies (France).