Topophonie Research Program

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Topophonie Research Program

Video realized for Water Topophony, a work created by Orbe within the framework of Topophonie Research Program.


Topophonie is a research program within CONTINT (Digital Contents and Interactions)

Topophonie focuses on sound navigation in the flow and masses of spatialized audio-graphic events. The goal of the project is to design and develop navigable audiographic models, interfaces and audiographic renderings of sets of corpuscular, animated and spatialized objects. The non-punctual aspect of composite objects, their audiographic behavior and the navigation in which they are expressed are the three inextricably linked criteria that give the project its specificity.

The project team is made up of sound and visual researchers, designers, artists and companies specialized in the fields of the concerned fields.

Within the framework of Topophonie, Orbe designed and realized creation tools prototypes intenter to a general audience such as Water Topophony

Orbe won Grand Prix of Innovation of the city of Paris 2013 with a special Design Mention for Water Topophony.

Credits & partners

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Partners IRCAMENSCI-les AteliersLIMSINavidisUser Studio


Xavier Boissarie, director at Orbe, talks about Topophonie.


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Officiel website Topophonie


Water Topophony is available for the on the App store