Orbes is a mobile dynamic mapping device in augmented reality or on the web with an interactive 3D map.

Increasing a territory of old sights, testimonies, disappeared sounds, revealing its hidden dimensions through the walls, the ground, in its past or its futures, Orbes associates 3D models, sounds, videos or photos to discover it during a pedestrian exploration or on an interactive map. The CMS feeds the device from an administration interface or from a mobile application in the context of participative activities.

Orbes relies on a precise cartography of the diffusion place. The graphic or sound elements are intimately associated with the context: topography, roads, functions. An administration interface makes it possible to edit this augmented territory in detail. The graphic approach offers an interpretation of the landscape through a schematic 3D representation. The simplified representation facilitates the reading of the landscape by accentuating its remarkable character or by revealing its hidden dimensions. The sound makes it possible to reactivate a disappeared soundscape or to propose a sound interpretation of the place. The visitor wanders freely within this landscape, the sounds evolve according to its course.

The projects Guide mobile et le site de l'ICI Avignon Paysages du Festival or L'autre Pays have been realized with Orbes.