Discontrol Party

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Discontrol Party

Discontrol Party is a festive interactive device initiated by Samuel Bianchini.

Discontrol Party is a research program on the theme of « Large Group Interaction». This project led by the laboratory DRII by ENSADLAB questions the efficiency of surveillance devices in front of a chaotic crowd.

As part of the project, Orbe implemented a real-time tracking device for the 200 participants of the event. It includes a real-time data analysis and the feedback taking of visualization systems. Orb uses Ubisense UWB technology: an indoor geolocation solution by emitting electromagnetic pulses. The device was tested for the first time at the Gaité Lyrique in the context of the festival Futur en Seine 2011.

Credits & partners

Diffusion la Gaîté Lyrique
Partners DRII/ENSADLAB, Gaîté LyriqueIle-de-France RegionUBISENSE  

Images of Discontrol Party


Official websiteorbe.mobi

Practical information

Audience All
Access La Gaîté Lyrique – Paris, Réaumur-Sébastopol (lines 3, 4),  Arts et Métiers (lines 3, 11), Strasbourg Saint-Denis (lines 4, 8, 9).


The device was first experimented at la Gaîté Lyrique on June 24th and 25th with the framework of Futur en Seine festival.

Juin 2011.