Laboratory of Drifting

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Laboratory of Drifting

Video : Djamel Afnaï and Bruno Da Cuna
Interviews and experience reports : Xavier Boissarie and Elsa Mingot
Embedded camera Stopmotion : Alix Denambride and Sung Ha Cho
Video editing : Lucile Haute

Within the framework of the 6th edition of «Si Loin, Si Proche» des Sondes de la Chartreuse (Centre National des Écritures du Spectacle), Orbe deployed the Laboratory of Drifting.

The Probes of La Chartreuse are experimental periods around theater, digital arts and the network. The object of the 6th edition "Si Loin, Si Proche" intends to explore the articulations between video-game, stage and street. In this context, Orbe and four trainees of the FAIAR (Advanced Training and Itinerant Urban Arts) proposes the experimentation of protocols and rules, supported by the device Médias Situés. Or how to turn any space into a gaming experience.

Credits & partners

Diffusion La Chartreuse-CNES
Partners  La Chartreuse-CNES, La FAIARL’Université de Paris 8

Testimonies and reflections about the experience.

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Access La Chartreuse, 58 rue de la République, 30404 Villeneuve-lez-Avignon