Sonosphere at la Gaîté Lyrique

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Sonosphere at la Gaité Lyrique

Project management Orbe
Contracting Authority La Gaîté Lyrique

Sonosphere is a contributive and geolocalized sound work. It captures and restores the voices that populated a place through time. While he moved, the visitor becomes the explorer of this sound cartography. Equipped with a smartphone, he wanders in space and listens to different voices, real, fictional, past... He has the opportunity throughout his sound walk to react and enrich the device with his comments and contributions. Sonosphere at la Gaîté Lyrique thus evolves with time, constituting a sound memory of the place. Sonosphere adapts to each theme offering polyphonic mediation to visitors.

Credits & partners

Diffusion La Gaîté Lyrique
Partner Kom-post

The voices at la Gaité Lyrique
Commentaries, contributions and visitors and professional impressions.

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Official website


Sonosphere is available for free on the AppStore and Google Play. Smartphones are available via the resource center deck at la Gaîté Lyrique.

Practical information

Audience All
Material Smartphone, any brand
Access La Gaîté Lyrique – Paris, Réaumur-Sébastopol (lines 3, 4), Arts et Métiers (lines 3, 11), Strasbourg Saint-Denis (lines 4, 8, 9).