Connected danse experience
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Vibes#2 is a connected dance experience, for around fifty amateur or professional dancers. Equipped with headphones, participants improvise their dance together to the epic music of Morph and with the audio guidance of Nach. 

After a training phase, participants experience the basics of Krump: capturing energy from the ground by stomping with the foot, projecting energy around themselves with the chest-pop, and capturing and projecting energy balls with the arm swing. The ritual takes place in the third phase. Each participant is given a role: the soloist performs under the encouragement of the hype men who accompany them with gestures or voices. The collective energy builds step by step until the final battle. 

The music sets a pulse that energizes all the dancers. Like an arcade video game, actions are performed in time. Sound entities orbit around the dancers, causing the rotation of bodies with capture or throw gestures. Spatialized sound techniques contribute to the development of this playful dimension and immersion.


Duration: 20 minutes
Choreography: Nach
Music: Morf
Digital creation: Xavier Boissarie