Connected danse experience
→ Orbe
→ Bassano del Grappa → ICK Amsterdam

Vibes#4 is a connected dance experience for around fifty amateur or professional dancers. Equipped with headphones, players navigate through an immersive sound universe.

Vibes#4 is a fun, choreographic, and sound experience in which the participant plays the main role: guided by the voice of Mujō, the player navigates through a labyrinth filled with sound obstacles. They use their body, through a series of actions rhythmed by the music, to progress in the game and escape the labyrinth. To pass the obstacles, the player receives precise instructions on how to move and project their energy.

The player's actions are interpreted by the mobile device to assess their impact on the current situation. Physical engagement and creativity of the participants are stimulated by the musical interaction and sound landscape. New kinetic and relational dimensions emerge thanks to the intimate relationship between movement and music. Players who manage to escape the labyrinth search for those who are still stuck to form duos. A collective finale allows to relive the highlights of this epic journey.


Duration: 40 minutes
Choreography: Jesús De Vega
Music: Michelle Samba
Digital creation: Xavier Boissarie, Tomek Jarolim