Expérience de danse connectée

→ Orbe
→ Université de Coventry
→ Holonic Systems

Vibes#5 is a connected dance experience for around fifty amateur or professional dancers. Equipped with headphones, participants improvise their dance, guided by the voice of Rosemary Lee.

Vibes #5 offers a somatic journey, to discover oneself and what connects us to the world. Each participant explores the flows that run through them. The connection of these flows with their environment. The body becomes permeable to external energies, coming from natural elements or people nearby.

Motionless, the participant captures their smallest movements. Engulfed in a meditative state, they ground themselves in the earth, absorbing the world around them. After this awakening phase that connects the body, mind, and environment, participants gradually re-appropriate the public space and the world around them, with full awareness.


Duration: 30 minutes
Choreography: C-DaRE
Music: Over Holmqvist
Digital creation: Xavier Boissarie, Tomek Jarolim